VIS in a Nutshell

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What we do and what we stand for...

Vasa Idrottssällskap is a Swedish talking association, but we welcome everyone into our community regardless of language. Most of our members speak both Finnish and English. However, you will find that most of the information on these pages are in Swedish. Below you will find a brief summary of us. 

Vision and mission

Vasa Idrottssällskap (VIS) brings together nearly 200 children and young people aged 7-14 in our track & field school. We manages to retain about 20 active youths in the older age classes in athletics. VIS also brings many older people, parents and others, to join us. Other branches like bowling, cycling and power lifting are also constantly attracting new members who wants to train and compete. Our goal is to increase the total memberships of the association including athletes, parents and officials year by year and we aim to reach over 1000 members.
All together a few of our athletes per age group are developed up to national and international top class. These athletes should always receive active support from their association. Most of all members will primarily be involved in the association in order to have a meaningful hobby and get exercise. Our members also serve as officials and assistants at our major events. All in all, VIS want to be an association with strong unity where everyone want to proudly represent us and what we stand for.

VIS is one of the leading Swedish-speaking sports associations in Vaasa and in the Swedish speaking parts of Finland. The primary task is to offer organized sports activities in Swedish in Vasa. We are also an association that believes in diversity, and thus welcomes members who have Finnish or other languages than Swedish as their mother tongue.


Our values ​​can be summarized in the following values:



Health promotion habits

Diversity and versatility

Confidence in the language


These pages were published in January 2020.
There will eventually be more information in English here. Please check back later.